Bean Bag Lap Trays


Bean bag lap trays also known as padded lap trays usually have a bottom made of a cushion filled with beans (henceforth the name bean bag lap tray) which molds on the shape of your legs in order to provide stability to the tray’s much stiffer upper part while making it comfortable to use a lap tray for an extended period of time. They are mostly used to in medical aid care industry, but in the recent years have become useful household accessories, as consumers have found creatively ways to use them. Here is a comparison table of the top bean bag lap trays presently available on the market:


ImageNameRatingPriceMore Details

Present Time Utensils Lap Traygood$Click Here!

Trabasack Curve Wheelchair Lap Trayexcellent$$Click Here!

Bean Bag Lap Deskgood$$Click Here!

Bean Bag Dinner Traygood$$Click Here!

 Present Time Utensils Lap Tray


Our most recommended bean bag lap tray – as previously featured in our best lap trays guide – is the Present Time Utensils tray. This padded lap tray with a cool picture of kitchen utensils on top is perfect for a breakfast in bed scenario, but can also be used to hold a laptop, write, draw or read on it. It has a cup holder compartment where you can secure a cup of coffee, water or juice, making it incredible practical during long periods of use.  Because it’s made of polystyrene and nylon it’s very light, weighing just 14.9 ounces and measuring 17-1/2 by 2-1/2 by 11-inch in size. This makes it a perfect addition to travel with so you can make use of the time usually wasted seating in the back of a car or a train.


Trabasack Curve Wheelchair Lap Tray


Although quite expensive, the Trabasack Curve wheelchair Lap Tray is the ultimate choice for those in need of a padded lap tray for their wheelchair.

Featuring a very easy to clean flat vinyl lap tray surface, this bean bag has a removable cushion that makes it much more comfortable and easy to wash – simply remove the cushion and place it into the washing machine. It can also act as a storage bag, by unzipping it you can place your personal belongings in a safe, easy to reach space. All previous buyers of this great lap tray gave it an almost perfect score and reported being extremely satisfied with their purchase, which make this a worthwhile purchase regardless of the quite high price tag.


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