Lap Trays for Kids


Taking care of a child it’s a hard thing to do, but every parent’s life can be made a little easier with the help of a kids lap tray. They are too many benefits of using a plastic lap tray for your children and the price is too low not to take a look at what’s on the market and how you can use them to ease your workload around the house. Lap trays for kids are ideal when you want to clean after your kid much faster, since their plastic surface is easily washable; they can be used for coloring, drawing, or traveling with your kid. At a price ranging from 5$ to 15%, there is no reason not to have a couple of these trays laying around the house. We believe that the Romanoff suite of lap trays for children are the best on the market right now, and we wholeheartedly recommend them. Here is a comparison table between the main plastic lap trays available on the market:

ImageNameRatingPriceMore Details

Purple Lap Traygood$Click Here!

Blue Lap Traygood$Click Here!

Pink Sparkle Lap Trayvery good$Click Here!

Lime Sparkle Lap Traygood$Click Here!

So why do we believe the Romanoff lap trays for kids are the best on the market? Simply put, they are fun, they are sturdy, they are colorful and easy to clean, and come at a price that you simply can’t beat. They measure¬†11.8 x 22.5 x 8.2 inches in size, and weight approximately between 1.4 pounds and 2 pounds depending on the model. They have additional pockets on both the left and right side on the tray, which make great compartments for crayons, pencils, or other small toys that your children may play with. The trays are made from one piece of plastic molded in that particular shape, so there are no screws or small parts that you might have to worry about when you are not around your kids. Attention to detail is what separated these lap trays for similar alternatives on the market thoughL with a small edge around the main area, accidental spillages are easily contained, and if you have multiple trays, they stack on top of each other for easy storage. Here is a full size picture of a tray, so that you are able to notice closer more details about it:


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